About Barbara

“Out beyond ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking, there is a field —
I’ll meet you there”
– Rumi

Barbara Crofford is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She received her Bachelor’s degree (BA) and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UCLA in 1988. She continued at UCLA to obtain her Master’s of Social Work (MSW) and was licensed in 1994.

Here is Barbara with more on her background:

My philosophy is that each of us is whole and unique. We are not just our bodies, or just our mental health issues, or just our intellect or even just our spirit. We are all of these things, interconnected in important and healing ways. Each client has a different voice with different needs. I hope to be able to both hear and provide service to each voice.

Throughout my career, I have worked with many individuals who have struggled with anxiety and with depression, with panic disorders and trauma.

Much of the focus of my work is helping people navigate through multiple challenges: in health, in homophobia, AIDS-phobia, living a meaningful life, and going through the experience of dying. I work with individuals who have cancer, AIDS, HIV, and the Hepatitis C virus.

I have been a member of the HIV Mental Health Task force of Los Angeles County, and a Co-Chair of the Hepatitis C Task Force of Los Angeles County.

I was co-creator of the Women for Positive Living and Vidas Positivas weekend workshops – weekends focused on those who have tested positive for the HIV virus. I have had the honor of speaking at a number of conferences on self-care, and on mental health issues, especially those issues pertaining to a life-threatening illness.

My focus is also in the treatment of substance abuse and recovery. One of the most exciting areas of my practice is working with couples in recovery from addiction and/or co-addiction. I find that these couples often have had difficult upbringings but, because of their current recovery, they know how to use the tools that will benefit themselves and their relationships.